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Digital agriculture: how to feed a growing world

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Digital (or precision) agriculture and big data hold answers to the problem of how to feed a growing world sustainably. Yet, research on the effects on agribusinesses has been limited. This is the first in a series of articles that’ll introduce these concepts and foreshadow how agribusinesses will be affected. ... Read more.

Publication date: 2017-02

Powering Ghana’s economic future

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EY Performance-5. Powering Ghana’s economic future

Making power generation sustainable is becoming a major issue for countries globally. For developing countries, it’s compounded by the tension between driving growth and social prosperity, and doing it in an environmentally responsible way. Find out how Ghana is exploring a way to make both ambitions possible. ... Read more.

Publication date: 2016-08

Middle East and North Africa embrace cleantech

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EY Performance-Middle East and North Africa embrace cleantech

With an abundance of natural resources and space for large-scale development, the MENA region could be one of the fastest cleantech growth markets. Read more.

Publication date: 2015-11

Ensuring execution on African infrastructure

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EY Performance-Ensuring execution on African infrastructure

Nearly three-quarters of infrastructure projects in Africa are simply not getting off the ground. Read more.

Publication date: 2015-06

The Gulf’s diversification challenge

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EY Performance-The Gulf’s diversification challenge

To build stronger, more stable economies, the Gulf countries must diversify. To succeed, they need to stabilize their earnings from oil and gas. They must expand their revenue base to other sectors. Read more.

Publication date: 2015-02

Increasing the public value of your business

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EY Performance-Increasing the public value of your business

With growing awareness among the corporate sector of the importance of a company’s public value, there is more recognition of the need to engage with local communities. While some companies struggle to make their mark, others are well versed in creating public value. ... Read more.

Publication date: 2014-02

What makes an organization valuable to society?

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EY Performance-What makes an organization valuable to society?

What value are large organizations bringing to society? Read more.

Publication date: 2014-02

Five things you need to know about: the return of direct current

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EY Performance-The return of direct current

How the idea of channeling direct current electricity using circuit breakers could give rise to supergrids. Read more.

Publication date: 2013-08

Big data down the well

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EY Performance-big data

The next big leap forward in productivity in the unconventional oil and gas sector will come from new microseismic imaging tools. Read more.

Publication date: 2013-08

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