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Financing a healthier future in developing world

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As governments and donors around the globe face fiscal challenges, they are turning to alternative financing solutions to provide social services. Read more.

Publication date: 2017-02

Emerging market expansion of Germany’s Mittelstand

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Germany’s world-renowned Mittelstand companies play a crucial role in the country’s economic success, but although highly internationalized, many are yet to become active in emerging markets. As European markets become more saturated, and as emerging markets develop, Mittelstand companies are increasingly considering their options when it comes to overseas expansion. ... Read more.

Publication date: 2017-02

Demand-driven planning and forecasting

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Combining the application of cutting-edge technologies with data, analytics and process knowledge, demand-driven planning and forecasting can result in a business that’s more closely linked to the market and pull-driven. Read more.

Publication date: 2017-02

Powering Ghana’s economic future

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EY Performance-5. Powering Ghana’s economic future

Making power generation sustainable is becoming a major issue for countries globally. For developing countries, it’s compounded by the tension between driving growth and social prosperity, and doing it in an environmentally responsible way. Find out how Ghana is exploring a way to make both ambitions possible. ... Read more.

Publication date: 2016-08

How India is conquering digital chaos

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EY Performance-8. How India is conquering digital chaos

India has been quick to embrace digital technology. Yet, often, in the haste to adopt a digital approach, organizations overlook the need to develop a considered digital strategy. This article explores what digital chaos can mean for companies and provides insight into how organizations can improve the available benefits. ... Read more.

Publication date: 2016-08

Leapfrogging innovation in emerging markets

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EY Performance-Leapfrogging innovation in emerging markets

Digital technologies are enabling smart companies to overcome growth obstacles in emerging markets. Read more.

Publication date: 2016-05

Middle East and North Africa embrace cleantech

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EY Performance-Middle East and North Africa embrace cleantech

With an abundance of natural resources and space for large-scale development, the MENA region could be one of the fastest cleantech growth markets. Read more.

Publication date: 2015-11

Taking a chance on India: a leading future market

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EY Performance-Taking a chance on India: a leading future market

India’s growth is highly promising and recent policy changes are further fueling India´s development, offering vast potential for investment in high-tech manufacturing. In this article, we examine these opportunities and offer insights into the prospects. Read more.

Publication date: 2015-08

Ensuring execution on African infrastructure

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EY Performance-Ensuring execution on African infrastructure

Nearly three-quarters of infrastructure projects in Africa are simply not getting off the ground. Read more.

Publication date: 2015-06

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