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EY Performance-transition from CIO to CEO

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As CEO of the Economist Group, a UK media and publishing company, Andrew Rashbass is an example of a CIO who has made the switch up. He gives his view on the transition. How did your career progress to where you are today? I started out at what was then Andersen Consulting, working on development programming, systems integration and that kind of thing. After some time at Associated Newspapers, I joined the Economist Group as CIO in 1997, before…

Publication date: 2012-09

Fibre optics

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Le titre de CIO n’est apparu qu’il y a une quinzaine d’années, alors que les notions de CEO et de CFO sont courantes depuis 40 ans. Ces dernières années nous avons vu apparaître d’énormes opportunités pour le CIO désireux d’innover et de participer à la réflexion stratégique. Pourtant, son rôle reste souvent en retrait dans les comités de direction.   Dans le cadre de l’étude « The DNA of the CIO », Ernst & Young s’est entretenu avec plus de…

Date de publication: 2012-12

Fibre optics

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De titel CIO bestaat nauwelijks vijftien jaar, terwijl CEO en CFO al veertig jaar zijn ingeburgerd. De laatste jaren zijn echter enorme kansen ontstaan voor de CIO om te innoveren en strategisch mee te denken. Toch blijft zijn rol in de board room daarbij achter.  Voor de studie The DNA of the CIO sprak Ernst & Young wereldwijd met meer dan 350 topmensen uit grote organisaties. Onmiskenbare vaststelling: 87 procent van de CIO’s geloven…

Publicatiedatum: 2012-12

EY Performance-DNA of the CIO

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In today’s business world, information technology is ever more important. However, in many companies the CIO does not play a vital role. By talking to more than 300 senior IT professionals worldwide for the report, The DNA of the CIO, Ernst & Young have found out what needs to be done before it is too late. The DNA of the CIO, provides fresh insight into what it is to be a chief information officer (CIO) today. It explores the aspirati…

Innovation CIO

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For chief information officers (CIOs), we believe there is now a golden opportunity. No other senior executive is closer to the information being gathered by the business, or able to deploy rapidly improving tools to find valuable new uses for the surging volumes of data being collected. But findings from a major new study we’ve conducted, The DNA of the CIO, show that a worrying number of CIOs are failing to step up to the innovation challenge….

Publication date: 2012-11

EY Performance-media perspective

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Bryan Glick, Editor in Chief of ComputerWeekly, the UK’s largest technology publication aimed at CIOs, gives his view on how the role of the CIO has been changing. You’ve been meeting and talking to CIOs for many years now. What are the key changes you’ve observed in recent years, in terms of the types of people who are now taking the top technology job? There are more CIOs now with direct experience of a business function, rather than with a tr…

Publication date: 2012-09

EY Performance-How to hit the ground running as a new CIO

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The CIO’s first 100 days CIOs stand more chance of being successful in a new role if they have prepared for the job carefully, thinking ahead of time about what they want to achieve and how they plan to achieve it. That planning process should begin at the interview stage and continue during the period prior to the job being taken up. The first 100 days in the job will also be crucial. One challenge for CIOs taking up a new role is to ensure tha…

Publication date: 2013-10

Businessman Climbing Steps

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We want to challenge the view that the pinnacle for a career in IT is the role of CIO. I believe that in today’s digital economy, CIOs are strong candidates to be the next CEOs. Traditionally businesses across the globe tend to hire CEOs from accountancy stock, but I believe we are about to see a change as the role of IT continues to change the face of business. We’ve been promoting the role of CIO for many years, championing them to make the mo…

Publication date: 2013-04

EY Performance-recruitment perspective

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Magnus Graf Lambsdorff* of Egon Zehnder International, a global executive search firm, gives his perspective on what chief executives are typically looking for in their search for CIOs. What are the main CIO recruitment trends you’ve seen over the past five years? I think the demands of the CIO role are constantly changing to reflect the challenges, the complexity and the speed at which decisions now have to be made. The CIO is no longer just se…

Publication date: 2012-09

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