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EY Performance-Becoming a 360° integrated solution provider

Categories: Consumer Products, Processes, Strategy, Technology

This article provides useful information for companies that want to become successful 360° customer-oriented solution businesses.

Publication date: 2016-05

EY Performance-Consumers on board

Categories: Articles in English, Consumer Products, Organization & People, Processes, Strategy, Technology

Consumers are smarter, better informed and more demanding than ever.

Publication date: 2014-06

EY Performance-Business Pulse

Categories: Articles in English, Automotive, Governance & Risk, Information Technology, Organization & People, Processes, Strategy, Sustainability, Technology

Competition and emerging market demand growth in automotive

Publication date: 2013-12

EY Performance-Five things I’ve learned

Categories: Strategy, Technology

Uli Fricke, cofounder of Triangle Venture Capital Group, explains the challenges of communicating the progress of businesses in the technology sector to investors.

Publication date: 2013-08

detail of one woman typing on laptop and the other writing in diary

Categories: Articles in English, Information Technology, Technology

Poor infrastructure remains one of the biggest growth hindrances in emerging markets – applying equally to technology infrastructure as to traditional bricks and mortar.

Publication date: 2013-05

Close up of boxer's feet skipping

Categories: Articles in German, Information Technology, Processes, Technology

Ein strategischer Ansatz, mit dem Sie die Leistung Ihres Unternehmens verbessern, Prozesse verschlanken und Kosten senken können und nebenbei noch Zeit für wertschöpfende Analysen gewinnen?

Publication date: 2011-10

Interview Herold

Categories: Articles in German, Strategy, Technology

Neue Technologien kommen mittlerweile viel schneller auf den Markt – gleichzeitig werden die Produktlebenszyklen immer kürzer.

Publication date: 2012-08

Young businessman using a digital tablet at the train station

Categories: Articles in English, Information Technology, Strategy, Technology

This article explores the challenges for businesses as they face the implications of digital change: in particular, the loss of control over the customer relationship, increased competition and threat of commoditization, and the need to engage digitally not just with customers but also with suppliers, partners and employees.

Publication date: 2012-06

EY Performance-People Power

Categories: Articles in English, Consumer Products, Organization & People, Processes, Strategy, Technology

Consumers expect to exert a more tangible influence on companies, moving beyond the role of purchaser toward co-creator. This article examines how organizations that engage proactively and collaboratively with customers can devise more effective product development strategies, while fostering feelings of ownership among consumers and so increasing brand loyalty.

Publication date: 2012-06

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