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Digital (or precision) agriculture and big data hold answers to the problem of how to feed a growing world sustainably. Yet, research on the effects on agribusinesses has been limited. This is the first in a series of articles that’ll introduce these concepts and foreshadow how agribusinesses will be affected.

Publication date: 2017-02

EY Performance-Your products are talking, are you listening?

Categories: Automotive, Consumer Products, Other industry sectors, Strategy

As manufactured products become more intelligent and connected, it will be a competitive necessity for manufacturers to listen to them individually and collectively.

Publication date: 2016-05

EY Performance-Air Serbia: the new wings of Europe

Categories: Articles in English, Organization & People, Other industry sectors, Strategy

In an interview with Dane Kondić, CEO of Air Serbia, we learn how, following an equity partnership with Etihad Airways, support from the Serbian Government and a new management team, the airline has been renamed, reborn and is working toward profitability in the space of one year.

Publication date: 2015-02

Categories: Articles in English, Government & Public Sector, Other industry sectors, Processes

Assessing the logistical challenges to serving customers on time.

Publication date: 2013-05

Categories: Articles in English, Other industry sectors, Strategy

“Infrastructure has been responsible for more than half of Africa’s recent improved growth in performance.”

Publication date: 2013-05

Categories: Articles in English, Organization & People, Other industry sectors, Strategy

While conditions in Africa are highly conducive toward growth, too little attention has been paid to the human resources required to drive this growth.

Publication date: 2013-05

إنجاز الكثير بتكلفة أقل: التحديث الاقتصادي للقوات المسلحة الألمانية

Categories: Articles in Arabic, Organization & People, Other industry sectors, Processes

تعمل العديد من الحكومات في جميع أنحاء العالم على خفض الإنفاق العام للمساعدة في سد العجز في الميزانيات الوطنية الذي ينشأ عن سلسلة الإجراءات المحفزة. ومقابل هذه الخلفية، بدأت الحكومة الألمانية في تنفيذ برنامج لزيادة كفاءة قواتها المسلحة. ولكن، هل يمكن رفع مستوى الأداء دون استثمار إضافي؟ يدفع د. جيرد بورتوجال بأن هناك نوعاً من التناقض الداخلي بين سياسة الإنفاق العسكرية وبين الفكر الاقتصادي.

تاريخ النشر 2010

Im Gespräch

Categories: Articles in German, Other industry sectors, Strategy, Technology

GBPT im Gespräch mit Martin Ertl Chief Innovation Officer, Bombardier. Im 21. Jahrhundert steigt die Bedeutung eines Ökosystems aus Kooperationspartnern, um flexibel auf neue Entwicklungen reagieren zu können.

Publication date: 2011-03

Risk and competitive advantage in the Russian construction industry

Categories: Articles in English, Governance & Risk, Other industry sectors, Real Estate, Strategy

This article provides an analysis of contractors’ perceptions of the risks they face in Russia vs. the US. The implications of these perceptions for the industry are analyzed together with some strategies for coping with the construction industry environment in Russia.

Publication date: 2011-02

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