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EY Performance-DNA of the COO

Categories: Articles in English, Life Sciences, Oil & Gas, Organization & People, Power & Utilities, Processes, Strategy

Three industry booklets explore changes and pertinent survey responses within the industry and a snapshot of the COO in the corresponding sector.

Categories: Articles in Russian, Oil & Gas, Strategy, Sustainability

Основной задачей для российских нефтедобывающих компаний на ближайшие 30 лет станет поиск возможностей сохранения текущего уровня нефтедобычи. Решением этой задачи, пусть и сопряженным с многочисленными трудностями, может стать привлечение иностранных инвестиций. Статья содержит подробный анализ возникающих в этой связи вопросов и потенциальных выгод.

Опубликовано 2012-02

EY Performance-Fueling change

Categories: Articles in English, Cleantech, Government & Public Sector, Oil & Gas, Power & Utilities, Strategy, Sustainability

Veteran green-energy pioneer Amory Lovins has a road map that businesses and governments the world over can use to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and generate significant savings, profits and growth.

Publication date: 2012-06

Categories: Articles in English, Cleantech, Governance & Risk, Government & Public Sector, Oil & Gas, Sustainability

Companies are under pressure to reduce emission levels and commit to sustainability. This article explains how, by investing in successful mitigation projects, companies can meet reduction targets, gain a stake in beneficial schemes and position themselves as leaders in their industry sector, while potentially increasing customer loyalty.

Publication date: 2012-06

EY Performance-Consumer barometer

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Create your personalized “consumer profile” in our consumer barometer web-based tool.

Publication date: 2012-06

Categories: Articles in English, Oil & Gas, Strategy, Sustainability

A recent Ernst & Young study indicated that Russian producers will struggle to maintain steady oil production in the next 30 years. One solution, though fraught with difficulties, would be to seek foreign investment. The associated issues and potential benefits are examined in detail.

Publication date: 2012-02

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