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Many countries across the world are trying to respond to the challenges of managing public health care costs. Sitra, the Finnish public innovation fund, has been working with EY to explore the potential of greater collaboration between academia and business, with promising results.

Publication date: 2017-05

Categories: Life Sciences, Sustainability

Governments are faced with the responsibility of providing health and social care to a population that has a greater proportion of elderly people than ever before.

Publication date: 2017-05

Categories: Articles in English, Life Sciences, Strategy

Find out how running a business alliances portfolio rather than managing alliances individually could help companies reach their full potential.

Publication date: 2017-02

EY Performance-Multichannel is about customer experience. We've got that! Now what?

Categories: Articles in English, Life Sciences, Strategy

Life sciences is finally catching up with other sectors regarding the importance of delivering a leading and differentiated customer experience to create a sustainable competitive advantage. However, the emphasis and approach for this is rapidly evolving. Life sciences companies are now preparing for a new era of competing on experience.

Publication date: 2016-11

EY Performance-Increasing welfare in Ecuador for a second century

Categories: Articles in English, Government & Public Sector, Life Sciences, Sustainability

Junta de Beneficencia de Guayaquil (JBG) is a nonprofit organization that provides health and social care in Guayaquil, Ecuador. The organization has a vision of becoming a leader and role model across the world and recent transformation changes will, JBG believes, help position it to achieve its goal.

Publication date: 2016-08

EY Performance-How pharma is embracing customer experience

Categories: Life Sciences, Processes, Strategy

Customer experience will be the next battleground for the pharmaceutical industry. As its customers are becoming resistant to push sales and marketing, and are instead preferring to relate to the overall experience provided in their pull interactions with a company, we explore what this means for the sector.

Publication date: 2016-08

EY Performance-Patient engagement: a powerful remedy

Categories: Articles in English, Government & Public Sector, Life Sciences, Processes, Strategy

Most health care providers and payers have made significant investments in people, process and technology but investing in patient engagement activities could bring them three-fold benefits.

Publication date: 2016-02

EY Performance-Integrated medical management

Categories: Articles in English, Life Sciences, Organization & People, Processes, Strategy

We offer insight into a disciplined, structured approach that will help give health care providers a clear, integrated medical management strategy, an efficient operating model and technology enablers.

Publication date: 2015-06

EY Performance-Rocked by the strong winds of change

Categories: Articles in English, Information Technology, Life Sciences, Organization & People, Processes, Strategy

A life sciences perspective of The DNA of C-suite sales and marketing leaders.

Publication date: 2015-03

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