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Military action represents big business for the myriad private firms that have emerged to offer a range of security-related consulting and training services.

Publication date: 2012-11

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Die Rolle des Staates auf dem Markt für Fusionen und Übernahmen (M&A-Markt) wurde bisher meist auf regulatorische Aufgaben reduziert.

Publication date: 2011-10

Categories: Articles in German, Government & Public Sector, Processes

Nur jedes fünfte mittelständische Unternehmen greift auf öffentliche Fördermittel zurück, oft ergeben sich dabei hohe Mitnahmeeffekte, so die Ergebnisse einer Ernst & Young-Studie zum Thema Nutzung öffentlicher Fördermittel.

Publication date: 2012-08

EY Performance-Fueling change

Categories: Articles in English, Cleantech, Government & Public Sector, Oil & Gas, Power & Utilities, Strategy, Sustainability

Veteran green-energy pioneer Amory Lovins has a road map that businesses and governments the world over can use to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and generate significant savings, profits and growth.

Publication date: 2012-06

Categories: Articles in English, Cleantech, Governance & Risk, Government & Public Sector, Oil & Gas, Sustainability

Companies are under pressure to reduce emission levels and commit to sustainability. This article explains how, by investing in successful mitigation projects, companies can meet reduction targets, gain a stake in beneficial schemes and position themselves as leaders in their industry sector, while potentially increasing customer loyalty.

Publication date: 2012-06

EY Performance-Consumer barometer

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Create your personalized “consumer profile” in our consumer barometer web-based tool.

Publication date: 2012-06

Categories: Articles in English, Governance & Risk, Government & Public Sector, Life Sciences, Organization & People, Processes

When an outbreak of swine flu put pressure on the UK’s health care system, Ernst & Young helped NHS Direct develop and deliver a highly effective pandemic flu response service to meet one of the greatest challenges to the UK health system. It has since become a model of best practice.

Publication date: 2012-02

Cost management system at JSC Russian Railways

Categories: Articles in English, Government & Public Sector, Information Technology, Processes, Strategy

Activity-based costing has numerous benefits. For one, it helps to identify cost reduction opportunities within an enterprise. This case study sets out the advantages JSC Russian Railways gained by adopting an activity-based costing system.

Publication date: 2009-01

Finance process assessment methodology in the context of the Hungarian State Railways’ financial close process assessment

Categories: Articles in English, Government & Public Sector, Processes, Strategy

Companies face a host of challenges in their financial close processes. This case study looks at how Ernst & Young helped one such company tackle some of these challenges.

Publication date: 2008-10

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