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New technologies, changes in customer behavior and increasing regulatory requirements have transformed the communications industry in recent years.

Publication date: 2012-11

Categories: Articles in German, Consumer Products, Strategy

Starke Marken und Produkte mit Dienstleistungen zu neuen Konzepten zu verbinden: so sieht für Lutz Mehlhorn eine ganzheitliche Marketingstrategie aus.

Publication date: 2012-08

EY Performance-People Power

Categories: Articles in English, Consumer Products, Organization & People, Processes, Strategy, Technology

Consumers expect to exert a more tangible influence on companies, moving beyond the role of purchaser toward co-creator. This article examines how organizations that engage proactively and collaboratively with customers can devise more effective product development strategies, while fostering feelings of ownership among consumers and so increasing brand loyalty.

Publication date: 2012-06

EY Performance-Consumer barometer

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Create your personalized “consumer profile” in our consumer barometer web-based tool.

Publication date: 2012-06

Categories: Articles in English, Consumer Products, Media & Entertainment, Strategy, Technology

Social media channels have created significant opportunities for digital games companies like Zynga. But the most successful titles all share something unexpected in common: they require less imagination than their competitors. This is no coincidence, but the reason for the success of these games lies in the wider entertainment software market.

Publication date: 2012-02

Categories: Articles in English, Automotive, Consumer Products, Strategy

The trend among consumers towards sharing, swapping and buying collectively is generating new business opportunities, as well as threatening some established companies, argue Rachel Botsman and Roo Rogers, co-authors of What’s mine is yours.

Publication date: 2011-04

Choosing the right technology: a framework for success

Categories: Articles in English, Automotive, Consumer Products, Life Sciences, Organization & People, Processes, Strategy, Telecommunications

In this article, we consider a framework to help companies make informed decisions about their technology development. The framework identifies the levels of innovation, the competing technologies at each level, the dimensions of performance on which to compare them and the patterns of evolution on each dimension.

Publication date: 2011-05

Supply chain transformation: a blueprint for success

Categories: Articles in English, Consumer Products, Life Sciences, Organization & People, Processes

A case study examining how we helped Fresenius Medical Care EMEALA transform its supply chain operations, enabling it to make cash savings of 15 million euros from the reduction in stock holding and laying the foundations for future growth.

Publication date: 2011-05

Competing for market share in rural India

Categories: Articles in English, Automotive, Cleantech, Consumer Products, Life Sciences, Organization & People, Processes, Strategy

This article discusses how the project team assisted a manufacturing company to improve its market share performance by focusing on growth opportunities in semi-urban and rural markets in India. It highlights an approach which has successfully enhanced market share performance and could be adopted by other product-based businesses.

Publication date: 2011-05

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