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Categories: Articles in English, Consumer Products, Strategy, Sustainability

Consumer products companies are struggling to drive sustainable, profitable growth. This article explains how net revenue management can offer a more sustainable route to growth.

Publication date: 2017-05

Categories: Articles in English, Consumer Products, Organization & People, Strategy

The African business of a Fortune 500 manufacturer and retail company had been experiencing a series of challenges.

Publication date: 2017-05

Categories: Consumer Products, Processes, Strategy

With the rise of digital technology, the software component in many products, ranging from washing machines to machine tools, has grown increasingly important. This has given the manufacturers an opportunity to become solution businesses — a switch that can deliver great business benefits.

Publication date: 2017-05

EY Performance-Your products are talking, are you listening?

Categories: Automotive, Consumer Products, Other industry sectors, Strategy

As manufactured products become more intelligent and connected, it will be a competitive necessity for manufacturers to listen to them individually and collectively.

Publication date: 2016-05

EY Performance-Becoming a 360° integrated solution provider

Categories: Consumer Products, Processes, Strategy, Technology

This article provides useful information for companies that want to become successful 360° customer-oriented solution businesses.

Publication date: 2016-05

EY Performance-Taking stock: targeting retailer food waste

Categories: Articles in English, Consumer Products, Organization & People, Processes

Find out how the EY Advisory team in Stockholm has helped a Swedish retailer to reduce food wastage and improve efficiency. Discover the lessons to be learnt by other retailers and other sectors.

Publication date: 2015-08

EY Performance-The retail omnichannel experience

Categories: Articles in English, Consumer Products, Information Technology, Processes, Strategy

Speaking at the recent CODE_n conference at CeBIT, EY’s Andrew Cosgrove explains the implications for companies of the “omnichannel” consumer experience.

Publication date: 2015-07

EY Performance-Unlock emerging market growth via diversification

Categories: Articles in English, Consumer Products, Strategy

Launching a new product is a critical decision for any consumer product company.

Publication date: 2015-02

EY Performance-Placing trust in the future of co-creation

Categories: Articles in English, Consumer Products, Strategy

Consumers are an asset for innovation. Encouraging them to participate in co-creation has the potential to deliver far better solutions than businesses can achieve on their own.

Publication date: 2014-08

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