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Choosing the right technology: a framework for success

Categories: Articles in English, Automotive, Consumer Products, Life Sciences, Organization & People, Processes, Strategy, Telecommunications

In this article, we consider a framework to help companies make informed decisions about their technology development. The framework identifies the levels of innovation, the competing technologies at each level, the dimensions of performance on which to compare them and the patterns of evolution on each dimension.

Publication date: 2011-05

Competing for market share in rural India

Categories: Articles in English, Automotive, Cleantech, Consumer Products, Life Sciences, Organization & People, Processes, Strategy

This article discusses how the project team assisted a manufacturing company to improve its market share performance by focusing on growth opportunities in semi-urban and rural markets in India. It highlights an approach which has successfully enhanced market share performance and could be adopted by other product-based businesses.

Publication date: 2011-05

The legacy of Gustave Trouvé: launching eMobility in a modern world

Categories: Articles in English, Automotive, Cleantech, Power & Utilities, Strategy, Sustainability

How should marketers of electric vehicles (EVs) position their products for success? Who are the early adopters and what is the best marketing mix to attract that target segment? This paper outlines a multiphase strategy for the marketing of EVs based on a discussion of EV characteristics, of consumer needs and of other market forces.

Publication date: 2011-02

New kids on the block

Categories: All, Articles in English, Automotive, Organization & People, Processes

This article provides an insight into the growth of India’s buoyant small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) market, including an account of their winning business strategies that have helped to keep them immune to the global downturn.

Publication date: 2009-11

Remarkable market trends: the rise of private equity within the Dutch automotive retail market

Categories: Articles in English, Automotive, Financial Services, Processes, Strategy

Has the Dutch automotive retail market remained untouched by the global economic crisis? What are the factors influencing the current counter-development? Read on to find answers to these questions along with a future scenario for the role of private equity in the Dutch automotive retail industry.

Publication date: 2009-04

Moving metal at the automotive industry

Categories: Articles in English, Automotive, Processes

Most automotive manufacturers fail to provide guidance to dealers when they really need it. Here is a good example of a successful consulting assignment carried out in the dealer network of a leading European manufacturer.

Publication date: 2008-05

The Chinese automotive industry – An industry overview and future challenges

Categories: Articles in English, Automotive, Strategy, Transaction

China’s automotive market is on the cusp of change. This article looks at the current state of China’s automotive industry and considers the challenges that Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) face in gaining a foothold in this industry.

Publication date: 2008-05

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