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EY Performance-The Tao of digital strategy

Categories: All, Organization & People, Processes, Strategy

Too often, digital considerations are merely a secondary factor in an overall business strategy, limited to investment in e-commerce.

Publication date: 2015-11

A cure for strategy? Introducing a simple approach

Categories: All, Articles in English, Processes, Strategy

The variety of different strategy models is often overwhelming for both practitioners and businesses alike. This article introduces a new, simpler one-page model that describes strategic transformation in a pragmatic eight-step iterative process.

Publication date: 2015-11

EY Performance-Reinventing the MVPD business — it’s time!

Categories: All, Processes, Strategy

The telecommunications and media and entertainment industries are undergoing significant transformation driven by technology, changing consumer habits, the rise of new competitors and different business models.

Publication date: 2015-11

EY Performance-Is digital signage a potential goldmine?

Categories: Strategy, Telecommunications

Digital signage, although a relatively small market, represents a great chance for telecoms companies to gain experience in targeted advertising — helping them to understand how they can monetize their large customer bases.

Publication date: 2015-11

EY Performance-Corporate incubators: nurture innovation potential

Categories: All, Articles in English, Organization & People, Processes, Strategy

If you are seeing new technologies, business models and players making their way into your industry, and you are aware that your competitors have already started seeking new business opportunities while your company lacks the innovation performance it could have, it may well be worth establishing a corporate incubator.

Publication date: 2015-11

EY Performance-Frugal innovation: unlocking lucrative markets

Categories: All, Articles in English, Processes, Strategy

In a slow-growth global economy, frugal innovation, and the organizational revolution it requires, could be essential for continued success.

Publication date: 2015-11

EY Performance-“Power of 5”: accelerating start-up ecosystems

Categories: All, Organization & People, Strategy

We explore how Cincinnati has successfully built a start-up ecosystem, reinventing and revitalizing the region by using the “Power of 5.”

Publication date: 2015-11

EY Performance-R&I: finding tomorrow’s Einsteins and Jobs

Categories: Government & Public Sector, Organization & People, Strategy

Policy-makers all around the world are seeking fresh and innovative ways to boost economic growth, create new jobs and improve the competitiveness of their industries.

Publication date: 2015-11

EY Performance-The changing role of the finance function

Categories: All, Articles in English, Organization & People, Strategy

The world is transforming, with digital solutions and new technologies rapidly entering the markets. Governments, companies, regulators and NGOs are all undergoing and driving disruption; and for those in finance, the changes are only going to become more pronounced.

Publication date: 2015-11

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