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EY Performance-The DNA of C-suite sales and marketing leaders: competition, coexistence or symbiosis?

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Thanks to the internet, customers today have more knowledge and power than ever before. They know everything about a company’s products, prices, competitors and user reviews long before they speak with anyone from sales.

Publication date: 2014-09

EY Performance-Finding the right partner

Categories: All, Strategy

The way in which companies work with partners is evolving, with a growing number of businesses eschewing traditional business-to-business (B2B) relationships for more collaborative partnerships. Yet the age-old challenge of finding the right partner remains as important as ever.

Publication date: 2014-08

EY-Performance-Co-creation: all contributions welcome

Categories: All, Articles in English, Strategy

By widening out the creative process to include input from stakeholders, such as colleagues and customers, companies can increase their chances of launching the products and services that people want.

Publication date: 2014-08

EY Performance-A sense of purpose

Categories: All, Articles in English, Organization & People, Strategy

Are we about to enter the era of the “purpose-based company,” focused on steady growth and fair returns to shareholders rather than a quick profit? Or does it all sound too good to be true?

Publication date: 2014-08

EY Performance-Placing trust in the future of co-creation

Categories: Articles in English, Consumer Products, Strategy

Consumers are an asset for innovation. Encouraging them to participate in co-creation has the potential to deliver far better solutions than businesses can achieve on their own.

Publication date: 2014-08

EY Performance-Boosting hospital productivity and innovation

Categories: Government & Public Sector, Organization & People, Strategy

The modern hospital landscape is shaped by complex structures and procedures – from primary processes with direct patient contact to supporting secondary processes.

Publication date: 2014-08

EY Performance-The IT innovation challenge

Categories: All, Articles in English, Information Technology, Processes, Strategy

Most companies understand they must develop a constant stream of innovations if they are to maintain their competitive advantage.

Publication date: 2014-08

EY Performance-Intellectual outsourcing and strategic growth

Categories: All, Articles in English, Organization & People, Processes, Strategy

Intellectual outsourcing represents the next stage in the evolution of the outsourcing market.

Publication date: 2014-08

EY Performance-Power of purpose: innovation and transformation

Categories: All, Articles in English, Organization & People, Strategy

Successful companies embed purpose at the heart of their strategy. But how do you identify and articulate a company’s purpose?

Publication date: 2014-08

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