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EY Performance-The age of the empowered customer

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Find out more about why Arne Büsching, EY Executive Director, Digital Transformation, speaking at the recent CODE_n conference, warns that today’s empowered consumers expect companies to engage with them whenever and wherever they want.

Publication date: 2015-08

EY Performance-The rise of Industry 4.0

Categories: All, Articles in English, Information Technology, Processes, Strategy

Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things represent a massive transformation that will affect every aspect of our professional and private lives.

Publication date: 2015-07

EY Performance-3D printing adds a new dimension to every business

Categories: All, Articles in English, Information Technology, Processes, Strategy

Businesses in all sectors must wake up to the huge potential of 3D printing or risk losing out, said Dr. Susanne Wosch, speaking at CODE_n.

Publication date: 2015-07

Categories: All, Articles in English, Organization & People, Processes, Strategy

Businesses are great at using data and analytics to show what happened in the past. But there is so much more that they could be doing to look to the future.

Publication date: 2015-07

EY Performance-The retail omnichannel experience

Categories: Articles in English, Consumer Products, Information Technology, Processes, Strategy

Speaking at the recent CODE_n conference at CeBIT, EY’s Andrew Cosgrove explains the implications for companies of the “omnichannel” consumer experience.

Publication date: 2015-07

EY Performance-Disruptive supply chain trends in the evolving tax environment

Categories: All, Articles in English, Organization & People, Processes

We have recently reviewed emerging trends that will affect how supply chains are designed and operated in the future. We have identified six key trends that have significant impacts to both the physical supply chain and the broader business and tax operating model.

Publication date: 2015-06

EY-Performance-Do you know the emerging trends that will affect supply chains?

Categories: All, Organization & People, Processes

Globalization, growth in emerging markets, industry consolidation and increasing regulatory pressures are but a few of the exciting challenges impacting supply chain professionals today.

Publication date: 2015-06

EY Performance-How can business planning activate your purpose?

Categories: All, Articles in English, Processes, Strategy

In order to deliver their corporate purpose, organizations need to rethink their planning processes to help make it happen. This article explains why current planning approaches are failing organizations, what they can do to embed planning so as to realize benefits and the five steps behind cost reduction.

Publication date: 2015-06

EY Performance-Insights into the business of counterfeiting

Categories: All, Articles in English, Governance & Risk, Processes, Strategy

Counterfeiting has become a multibillion dollar industry, but insights into the supply side of counterfeiting are very limited.

Publication date: 2015-06

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