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The business rationale of project portfolio management

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Effective project portfolio management is essential for organizations to achieve their performance targets. But, in order to contribute to the bottom line, project portfolio strategies need to be closely aligned with wider corporate objectives. This article outlines the synergies that exist between effective project portfolio management strategies and overall corporate vision.

Publication date: 2008-05

Best operational practices at Rusal

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Corporations with operational business units across the globe often face a lack of standardization of business processes. This results in different levels of effectiveness. One of the world’s largest producers of aluminium and alumina, UC RUSAL, identified and expanded the processes to overall business units.

Publication date: 2008-02

Migration of a multinationals’ HR services: the role of detailed process descriptions

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Of late, many multinationals have moved many of their activities to shared service centers. This article looks at the step-by-step account of one company creation of a ‘process description’ that can help other companies to achieve a seamless transition.

Publication date: 2008-02

Zahlen sich Innovationen wirklich aus? Innovationsrenditen am Aktienmarkt

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Bislang wurde angenommen, dass Aktienmärkte positiv auf kurzfristige Gewinnankündigungen reagieren und eher negativ auf Ankündigungen zu Innovationsprojekten, deren Verlauf unsicher ist. Die Studie zeigt jedoch, dass die Renditen von Innovationsprojekten bislang unterschätzt wurden. Investoren können bereits vor Markteinführung von positiven Renditen eines Innovationsprojektes profitieren. Eine wichtige Rolle spielt dabei die richtige Kommunikation vom Entwicklungsprozess an.

Publication date: 2010-03

Trusting the returns on marketing investment

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Advanced methods to measure the effectiveness of marketing efforts are gaining increased attention from marketers and product mangers, as their decisions on spending come under scrutiny. This case study discusses various options that could be ideally employed within the pharmaceutical industry.

Publication date: 2010-03

IT diffusion barriers in the construction industry: how to improve efficiency in the construction processes – lessons learned from manufacturing

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This case study discusses some of the inherent barriers in the construction industry to the use of computer integrated information technologies (CIT). The author believes that the industrial, strategic and organizational context of the construction industry have much to do with its undoing.

Publication date: 2010-03

Do innovations really pay off? Total stock market returns to innovation

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The current study develops a new metric to assess the payoff to investing in innovation. The method is based on a computation of the abnormal stock market return to a firm on the day it announces an innovation event. The study is based on an analysis of 5,481 innovation events from 69 firms across 7 markets, during the period 1977-2006. The study finds that, contrary to widely held beliefs, the stock market responds strongly and promptly to investments in innovation several years ahead of the launch of a new product. The findings may help managers more accurately assess the total market value of a proposed innovation or innovation project, well ahead of launch, as well as the potential returns for particular innovation activities.

Publication date: 2010-03

Controlling for commanders: an established leadership tool within the German Armed Forces?

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The author says that controlling in the Bundeswehr as a formal leadership tool has only created the illusion of steering. Its functionality differs vastly from that in the civil economy due to various factors.

Publication date: 2010-03

Liberating structures: innovating by including and unleashing everyone

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Organizations are complex systems where all the parts interact and affect each other’s behaviors. Changing the pattern of these interactions can bring in the best solutions for issues confronting organizations. Liberating structures (LS) is all about the effectiveness of a bottom-up approach.

Publication date: 2010-03

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