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For many companies, outsourcing can turn out to cost the same or even more than captive IT services. Failed attempts at cost savings can mean less funding available for value- and profit-growing activities. But looking in depth at IT cost transparency can help deliver on the IT outsourcing business case.

Publication date: 2017-05

Categories: All, Information Technology

EY is working closely with SAP on developing new approaches to help clients face real problems. While SAP isn’t the only provider of enterprise solutions, SAP applications are already used by a majority of EY clients. Find out more about SAP S/4HANA Finance and the EY Agile Finance Transformation program.

Publication date: 2017-05

Categories: Information Technology, Other industry sectors

Digital (or precision) agriculture and big data hold answers to the problem of how to feed a growing world sustainably. Yet, research on the effects on agribusinesses has been limited. This is the first in a series of articles that’ll introduce these concepts and foreshadow how agribusinesses will be affected.

Publication date: 2017-02

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Managing personnel is undoubtedly becoming more challenging and complicated as technological advancements are accelerating and competition is growing. We provide a conceptual framework and methodology for measuring, assessing and planning personnel capacity utilization in a more accurate and dynamic way.

Publication date: 2016-11

EY Performance-Cloud ERP — myth or future?

Categories: All, Articles in English, Information Technology, Processes

Unlike other cloud applications, the adoption of cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions is low, especially in the manufacturing segment. Here, we present the findings of a study into the drivers behind adoption of cloud ERP solutions, providing insights of interest to anyone considering the implementation of an ERP solution.

Publication date: 2016-11

EY Performance-Navigating your workforce into the future

Categories: All, Articles in English, Information Technology, Organization & People

Technology is disrupting every aspect of business, not only by transforming the products and services sold, and the way they are sold, but also by dramatically reshaping how employees work. In a business landscape filled with uncertainty, how do you plan your workforce requirements of the future?

Publication date: 2016-11

EY Performance-3D printing: moving into the mainstream

Categories: All, Articles in English, Information Technology, Strategy

As a transformative technology, 3D printing has had a long gestation, but its perception as one of the most significant inventions ever is about to become much more widespread.

Publication date: 2016-08

EY Performance-Cybersecurity in higher education: a new landscape

Categories: Governance & Risk, Government & Public Sector, Information Technology

The particular nature of higher education institutions means they are far more prone to cyber attacks.

Publication date: 2016-08

EY Performance-How to make networked markets work for you

Categories: All, Information Technology, Strategy

As “ecosystems” emerge, networked platforms become increasingly important in the business world.

Publication date: 2016-08

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