Six questions every CIO should be asking about tablets

Wiping the slate clean

Tablet PCs have made major inroads in the general marketplace with a whopping 34 million units shipped in Q2 2013. This ascent of the slate form factor may seem to have occurred over night. According to analyst house Canalys, tablets now account for 31 per cent of worldwide PC shipments. But many forget that the tablet form factor is not exactly new.

For more than a decade, field workers have been using ruggedized slates to perform inspection or equipment repair. Vendors experimented with different input mechanisms, including onscreen keyboards and various types of handwriting recognition with users holding a stylus to do their writing.

It wasn’t until Apple came out with the iPad that the tablet became a mainstream device. Other vendors have since followed suit with operating systems and hardware providing a similarly intuitive look and feel and Apple has lost its dominant position in the market.

CIO Stephan Conaway sums up the situation for the enterprise as follows: “Tablets are here to stay in one form or another. The sooner a corporate IT office deals proactively and positively with them the better for everyone.”

Conaway, CIO at London Borough of Brent says: “In many companies, undoubtedly, the trend started from executives or other well informed users smuggling in the devices under their trench coats. Most would believe that a progressive IT unit would have seen the trend before it created an issue and would have had plans in place to handle the evolution gracefully.”

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